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learn to scale your genius 

whether you're feeling stuck or your business needs a facelift it's time to unstuck yourself and tap into your operational genius.

everyone has a unique genius, yes including you.

something that comes so effortlessly to you (you know that thing that never feels like work) and when you operate your business leveraging that genius life flows.

here's the problem.
we have been taught to think certain actions lead to success and if we don't take those steps 
we will fail.

and in the process by doing what you think you are supposed to be doing you end up feeling burnt out, anxious, confused

and lose that spark you once had for your business. 

I have helped entrepreneurs & content creators like yourself to


unlock and operate from your genius and break unhealthy cyclical patterns 


structure and align your business with your true genius to increase momentum


leverage valuable customer and community insights 

to achieve scale 


I'm Aish

After spending nearly a decade building & investing in tech startups and burning myself out, I spent the last few years learning several meditation and mindfulness  techniques, human design, energy work, and EFT tapping techniques. By taking a holistic approach and combining that with tested business frameworks my clients see far greater success in shorter time spans than a pure business aproach. Because I'm still actively operational in the startup world, I bring a unique blend of perspective and tools to serve my clients. 

and my life’s work is to help you debunk the myths keeping you stuck and help you build and scale your business in a way that works WITH you not against you.


Featured in

"The only thing keeping us from achieving our wildest dreams are the shackles we put on ourselves."

work with Aish

 accelerate your genius

(1-1 coaching program)

High touch 4-6 month customized accelerated coaching program designed to break unhealthy patterns, find product-market-fit, pivot and grow your business and build systems to scale. 

unlock your genius

(group mastermind)

Launching Fall 2024

Building the life you want is easy as long as you get out of your way. 

Trust yourself.

Your genius deserves to be seen


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Learn how others see you in this world and start operating from your true essence.

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